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IN'JOY Approach

IN'JOY Russia believes that only professional, flexible and individual approach - so called Personal Touch to each customer's needs is what makes any travel project more than just successful.

Our 7 steps on the way to your success:

We've got the request from you. Our first step, within 24 hours, is exploring the briefing, acknowledging that we have received your request, if necessary inquiring additional information and clarifying needed details with you.We believe that quick response and clear communication is the first guarantee of success.

After all information has been received, timetable and budget clarified, it's our time to devise! We get together and discuss your request. Matters like, which type, level, location of hotel is most suitable for the group size and budget? Which venues, activities, entertainment best matches the expectations and budget? After we have had our brainstorm session we start contacting the suppliers with our briefing. Whether you have specific ideas or just a general theme, we can put together a unique program and complete costings to suit you. We will be back to you with our complete offer within 24-72 hours. Obviously, you as our client will determine the deadline for turning in our proposal.
We exert for that deadline, but if due to the circumstances we face delays, you will be immediately updated on the status of your request. 

We have prepared our offer: scenario description and quotation which based on several alternatives and options. The budget is met with the best possible conditions. We are confident we can win you over with our proposal, it's time to send it!

Your initial reaction or remarks on our offer are very important for us. We contact     you after several days to make sure that everything is clear and understood.
After you have given us the "go" to work as your partner on your project, we will continue to handle your project with care and dedication.

With the costs and program approved, we will then take you step by step through our plan, including site inspections of hotels, event venues, etc. We will arrange any travel or logistical adjustments as needed, as well as identifying the complementary elements that will add to the experience. 

From the moment the guests arrive in Russia, we will look after every aspect of their experience, from travel and accommodation to events. We will be available constantly to ensure that the planned activities are an absolute success and that any new requirements that crop up on the day are taken care of effortlessly. 

When the program is over, we will do a complete evaluation. We're confident that we never provide anything less than exceptional experiences, and we will review and discuss the trip with you to ensure that you feel the same way. We will sincerely hope that you come back to us with your new requests and we could get a great opportunity to IN'JOY Russia together with You again!

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