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IN'JOY Russia

10 Reasons to IN'JOY Russia: DMC:

1.IMMENSE SPACE: Russia is the largest country in the world, covering 1/8 of the Earth's land area,  sharing land and maritime borders with 18 countries, spanning 9 time zones and incorporating a wide range of environments and landscapes;

Imagine!  If you would like to cross Russia from West to East, it would take more than 9 hours by plane, more than 9 days by train, more than 90 days by horses, more than 900 days on foot.

2.MULTIETHNICITY: the Russian Federation unites the numerous of different nations of various nationalities, cultures and confessions. There are more than 160 different ethnic groups and nationalities live within its borders.

Imagine!  If you have problems with speaking Russian you can always choose the language you prefer more. Russian nations speak more than 100 languages.

3. UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITIES:  Nowadays, Russia is the Country of fresh ideas, progressive views and unlimited opportunities which popularity as an Incentive, Business, Sport and Leisure destination is growing every year.

Imagine! Are you searching for new and original, fresh and creative, interesting and inventive ideas or solutions? Be among the leaders and catch your opportunity in Russia!

4. OLYMPIC GAMES of 2014 in SOCHI:

Imagine! Such Event worth to be seen, isn't it? Take a part in a Worldwide Event!

5. VODKA AND CAVIAR: Original Russian Cuisine is represented by rich collection of traditional Russian dishes from ancient times to our days, reflecting the spirit of Russian people.

Imagine! Your first dinner in Russia will be without tasting the most famous and popular Russian cuisine highlights - Vodka and Caviar. It is impossible! IN'JOY With Us  NA ZDOROVIE! Read more...





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