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World Travel Awards: St. Petersburg zum dritten Mal "bestes städtisches Reiseziel" im Bereich Kultur 08.02.2019 19:41

Sankt Petersburg wurde von World Travel Awards zum dritten Mal hintereinander zum weltweit besten städtischen Reiseziel im Bereich Kultur für das Jahr 2018 ernannt. In der Kategorie "bestes kulturelles Reiseziel (Städte)" ließ Sankt Petersburg Städte wie Paris, London, New York, Rom, Venedig, Rio-de-Janeiro und Peking hinter sich.

Dieser Sieg ist für Sankt Petersburg bereits der dritte in Folge: Seit dem Jahr 2016 hält die Stadt in dieser Kategorie die Stellung, wie sich auf der WTA-Internetseite ablesen lässt:

 Die Wertung wird in zwei Schritten vorgenommen: Zuerst wird online abgestimmt, dann fällt eine Jury von Fachleuten die Entscheidung. Ausschlaggebend sind Sicherheit für die Reisenden, Servicequalität und die Infrastruktur.

Geht es nach World Travel Awards, so sollte man die Stadt an der Newa auch gleich stilecht mit Aeroflot anfliegen: Die Fluggesellschaft wurde für das Jahr 2018 von WTA in gleich zwei Kategorien ausgezeichnet – beste Airline (zum zweiten Mal)

 und beste Airline in der Business-Klasse (zum ersten Mal)

 In der Kategorie "bestes kulturelles Reiseziel (Länder)" trug in diesem Jahr Peru den Sieg davon.




Sankt-Petersburg - World’s Leading Cultural City Destination 2018! 08.02.2019 18:55

Sankt-Petersburg for the third time has become the world's best destination for cultural tourism.

St. Petersburg is the cultural capital not only of Russia, but also of the whole world. At least for tourists. So decided the jury of the international competition World Travel Awards and called the city on the Neva River the best destination for travelers in the category "Culture".

On December 1, Lisbon hosted the ceremony of awarding the most prestigious tourist award of the planet - World Travel Awards. According to WTA-2018, St. Petersburg was recognized as the World’s Leading Cultural City Destination.

“St. Petersburg has bypassed such world art centers as Paris, London, New York, Rome, Venice, Beijing, as well as Sydney, Quito and Rio de Janeiro,” - reported on the website of the award.

The ceremony itself took place on December 1 in the Portuguese capital Lisbon, which brought together leading representatives of the tourism industry from around the world. Countries, cities, companies and air carriers fought for the title of "most-most", but one of the first places, in the end, went to Russia.

Earlier reported that St. Petersburg was named the best city for philosophical tourism.

At the same time, it is worth noting that the Northern capital is not the first time becoming a cultural capital. St. Petersburg received the championship in this category from the World Travel Awards in 2017 and 2016, which once again emphasizes the status of the city.

The World Travel Awards is the most prestigious award in the field of tourism. The winners are chosen by a professional jury and the audience in several stages according to many criteria: quality of service, guest satisfaction, infrastructure and safety.



Aeroflot - World and Europe's Leading Brand and Business Class Airline 2018 05.02.2019 21:22

Aeroflot Affirms Global Leadership: World's Leading Airline Brand and World's Best Business Class, According to World Travel Awards 2018

Aeroflot's leading position in global aviation was affirmed in November 2018 when it took two top prizes at the Grand Final of the World Travel Awards 2018 - World's Leading Airline Brand and World's Leading Airline - Business Class.

Aeroflot maintained its status as the No. 1 brand in global aviation for a second year in a row, remaining the only holder of this title from the World Travel Awards in history. Aeroflot took the World's Leading Airline - Business Class category for the first time.

The World Travel Awards are known as the Oscars of the travel industry. The awards are given every year to leading tour operators, hotels and airlines. Throughout the year the awards are given at three levels: country, regional and global levels. Winners are decided by an online vote that attracts hundreds of thousands of travel professionals and millions of travellers. Key criteria are product quality and quality of service. The WTA Grand Final gala ceremony took place on 1 December in Lisbon, one of the world's oldest capitals and one of Aeroflot's most popular tourist destinations in Europe.

"Our two gold medals at the World Travel Awards are a clear indicator of our leading position in the global aviation industry," said Aeroflot CEO Vitaly Saveliev. "Our focus on maintaining the youngest fleet, sustainably developing our route network, providing premium service and leveraging digital technologies is the key to our success in the international arena."

Earlier  year 2018, Aeroflot won three key categories at the regional World Travel Awards for Europe: Europe's Leading Airline Brand, Europe's Leading Airline - Business Class and Europe's Leading Airline to Asia (for a top airline in Europe-Asia transit).



Dec 03, 2018, 06:49 ET

Corinthia Hotels announces new luxury hotel in Moscow, Russia 01.02.2019 19:24

A luxury Corinthia hotel will be constructed in the center of Moscow, the second hotel in Russia to be operated by the Maltese hotel chain. International Hotel Investments, owner of the Corinthia, said that it had acquired a minority share in a consortium to acquire a landmark property at 10, Tverskaya, Moscow’s principal avenue leading onto the Kremlin and Red Square.

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