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“New Holland” Island in St. Petersburg is opened for visiting for the first time in the past 300 years! 19.07.2011 19:15


IN'JOY Russia is glad to let you know that one of the oldest and the most mysterious historical architectural ensemble of St.Petersburg  has been recently opened to the public.

Guests are welcome to the park till the end of this summer. They are offered exhibition space for modern-day painters, a playground, a café and the city's first public vegetable garden. Only in  summer 2011 there is a unique chance to look at the famous historical complex before the complete renovation works start."New Holland" is a monument of federal value. During the time of Peter the Great, in 1730th, warehouses for drying and storage of ship wood were built on the island. In the Soviet time the "New Holland" was handed over to the Leningrad naval base. The military target was secured; the entrance to the island was carried out only under admissions.



Architectural marvels of St. Petersburg are created in miniature. 18.07.2011 22:30

St. Petersburg became the first Russian city to receive miniature copies of its major architectural landmarks. "The mini-city" which has been opened in Aleksandrovsky park of St.Petersburg is now new attraction for tourists as well as for locals. One can find there the mini copies of the main Petersburg architectural masterpieces such as: Peter and Paul Fortress, ensemble of Palace and Senate Square, St.Isaak and Kazan Cathedral and many other architectural marvels which  are now occupying almost one quarter of the park's territory.

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