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Restored Summer Garden in St. Petersburg has been opened on May 28th 2012. 31.05.2012 16:18

The city's historic Summer Garden has been opened for visitors on May 28th 2012 after almost 3 years of large-scale restoration work. If you have already been to St Petersburg, you will notice that it's appearance has been changed beyond recognition. The total cost of the work was 2.3 billion rubles (60 million euro); restoration work on the sculptures and green areas were the most expensive, according to representatives of the State Russian Museum, of which the Summer Garden is part. The Summer Garden has now regained that historic formal splendor that it possessed in the past.

The Night of Museums will take place in St. Petersburg on May 19th 2012. 14.05.2012 17:40

The night of the museums is a special time for all museums around St. Petersburg, the time to display visitors a different aspect of the cultural experience. All around the city on the night of May 19th until May 20th, almost 2,000 museums will open their doors starting in the evening until the early morning.

The many museums of St. Petersburg hold secrets and other information generally unknown to the general public. Everything included in these museums have their own special story and history. It is another great way to learn and have fun at the same time. Each year the celebration continues to grow in St. Petersburg, as more and more museums keep joining the event.

The night of the museums will be supported by: the Committee on Culture, Committee on Youth Policy, and interactions with various NGOs. It will certainly be a great evening for all those who love to learn and have fun. Remember, it is only once a year, so don't miss it!


New 5-star «Domina Hotel – St. Petersburg» will be opened in spring 2012. 06.02.2012 18:14

The new five-star "Domina Hotel - Saint-Petersburg" is going to be opened in St. Petersburg. The first guests already will be able to be accommodated in hotel starting from 1-st of March 2012 but official opening ceremony is planned for the late April.   
The hotel is a collection of Italian Chain Domina Prestige Hotels and become the first object of the company in Russia. After starting the project in St. Petersburg, the company plans to open hotels in other cities: Lipetsk, Novosibirsk, Tyumen, Tomsk, and Kaliningrad.
Domina Hotel - St. Petersburg is situated in the historical center of the city at the House of Jomini - Kleiber at Moika Embankment, 99 - Bolshaya Morskaya Street, 54. At the 7-floor historic building located 108 rooms, including 93 rooms of category Superior, 3 rooms Suite, 12-storey Lifrstyle Room. Restaurant Arcobaleno, located on the first floor of the hotel will offer guests a cuisine in the style of Italian Fusion. Guests will enjoy an extensive bar Nove map of original cocktails and contemporary music performed by the best DJ. On the ground floor of the chamber located Fitness & Wellness. Fully equipped conference room Domina Hotel Saint-Petersburg will accommodate up to 60 guests, meeting room designed for 10 guests.

The Historical Stage of Bolshoy Theater in Moscow has been opened after 6 years of renovation. 02.11.2011 17:20

Eminent Bolshoi Theater of Opera and Ballet in Moscow reopened on October 28th with a gorgeous ceremony led by President Medvedev. The opening followed six years of reconstruction.  The exterior of the building remains nearly the same, but the interior is more spacious. Most operations have been computerized. Soviet emblems have been replaced with the emblems of Russia.


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