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3D-Exhibitions to be appeared in Moscow Museums. 28.09.2011 15:42

The city authorities seem to be seriously concerned about the culture of Moscow.
It is evident that everything is all right with clubs and bars of the Russian capital, but museums lack both financial assets and visitors. In order to raise a cultural generation the authorities have developed the program project Culture of Moscow for 2012-2016.
It means the development of Moscow as a world, political, financial and cultural center.
It will take 180 billion roubles to "culture" Moscow. For example, in the next five years eight museums will be already equipped with new 3D and 4D-equipment, and there will appear some exhibits allowed to be touched.
Multimedia and interactive exhibitions will most likely be interesting to everybody, the project initiators assume.

The “Circle of Light” to Be Held in Moscow in October 2011. 28.09.2011 15:00

Light shows are very popular all over the world and Moscow is not an exception. This autumn the festival so-called "The Circle of Light" will be take place in the capital. The name is connected with the architectural structure of the city and is also interpreted as "unite and create". 
The program is full of various events like multimedia shows and installations of young artists and designers. All performances will start at 8 p.m. and last until 11 p.m.
The opening is going to take place on the 21st of October on the Red Square where such sites as Saint Basil's Cathedral, GUM and the State Historical Museum will be illuminated. 
Gorky Park and Manezhnaya Square are also involved as festival areas with luminous garlands and floodlights.  
The government believes this festival will strengthen the image of Russian capital and will become a new incentive for development of Moscow event-trigger tourism.

New Hotels to appear in Domodedovo Airport in Moscow. 27.09.2011 21:15

Moscow Domodedovo Airport is going to improve its infrastructure. The first 50-room mini-hotel will be constructed before summer 2012. It is planning to be located within the terminal, on the second floor above the international arrivals area. 
The second, more capacious 350-room hotel is supposed to be created on the opposite side of the Internartional Terminal 2 that is now being built. This modern four-star hotel connected with the Terminal via special galleries will be run by one of famous hotel groups. The estimated period of construction is 3 years (2012-2015).

The first INDIGO Brand Hotel will be opened in St.Petersburg next year. 27.09.2011 21:05

The first INDIGO hotel brand is planned to be opened in St. Petersburg, Russia in March 2012. The 120-room hotel will welcome its first guests in March of next year. The hotel will be located in a historical center, near Lyteiny Prospect.
The main brand that was developed by «InterContinental Hotels Group» on Russian market  is Holiday Inn but now company plans to develop INDIGO brand in Russia and CIS.
As opposed to this liberal brand, Indigo are considered as a boutique hotels, members of the high price segment of hotel market. They are also well-known for its unique design, there are no two similar Indigo hotels in the world. Usually their design concept is based on the history of building or street, where it is located.
It is no accident that first INDIGO  hotel is to appear in St.Petersburg, since this city has a unique urban environment, unique building's history, and all the cultural spirit of this amazing city.

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