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The 22nd SPIMUN conference in St. Petersburg, Russia 09.10.2017 04:57

St. Petersburg, Russia will hold the 22nd SPIMUN conference (26—28 March 2018) organized by Gymnasium 157 founded by Princess of Oldenburg in 1868 and located in the center of St. Petersburg. SPIMUN is one of the United Nations Models affiliated to The Hague International Model United Nations with the same rules of procedure. The conference is a three-day-long simulation of the work of the United Nations. The structure of SPIMUN includes the Security Council, the General Assembly (4 Committees), the ECOSOC and the Special Conference. SPIMUN is designed for high school students (14 — 19 years old).

The object of the conference is to seek through discussion, negotiation and debate solutions to the various problems of the world dealing with economic, environmental,  social and cultural issues. The young delegates in searching solutions to these problems can learn to break away from narrow national interests and to develop true international cooperation.

SPIMUN 2016 brought together more than 700 delegates and teachers from  Bahrain, Cyprus, Canada, France, Denmark,  Germany, South Africa, Egypt, Belarus, Germany, Greece, India, Italy,  the USA, Turkey, United Arab Emirates.

Attendance at SPIMUN will mean much more than just doing another MUN. The participants will be able to discover the magnificence of St. Petersburg, one of the most impressive city in the world.

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