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Travel to Moscow & St.Petersburg

Brief example of Cultural Leisure Program in Moscow & St.Petersburg:

Location: Moscow - St.Petersburg
any season
5 nights/ 6 days
Number of pax:
from FIT till any size of the group

*Notes: Different focuses of the tour are possible (depending on clients' interests): history, architecture, culture, literature, theatre, gastronomy, sport, shopping...

Day1  Afternoon:
  • Arrival to Moscow: airport/railway station/river port;
  • Meeting with "IN'JOY Russia" guide;
  • Transfer to a hotel, accompanied by guide;
  • Check-in, accommodation at the hotel
  • Welcome Russian dinner at the restaurant downtown;
  • Overnight at hotel;
Dinner 1


Day2  Morning:
  • Breakfast at hotel;
  • "City of contradictions": sightseeing tour with visiting Moscow Metro - "Underground Palace" (interior); main highlights (exteriors): Red Square, St.Basil Cathedral, Arbat Street, Vorobievy Hills, Christ Savior Cathedral, New Maiden Convent, etc...;
  • Lunch at the restaurant downtown;
  • "World of Russian Art": excursion to Tretiakov Gallery: rich collection of Russian paintings and icons;
  • "Circus Evening": performance at legendary Moscow Circus with dinner at a restaurant nearby;
  • Overnight at the hotel


Day3  Morning:
  • Breakfast at the hotel;
  • Check-out at the hotel;
  • "City of Golden Domes": excursion to Kremlin: territory & Cathedrals, Tsar Canon & Tsar Bell;
  • Lunch at a restaurant downtown;
Moscow Kremlin
  • "Star City": excursion to space centre "Star City" with tour in the centre, acquaintance with history of space exploration; visiting old space ships;
Star City
  • Dinner at  a restaurant downtown;
  • Transfer  to "Leningradsky" Railway station, accompanied by the guide;
  • Night train to St.Petersburg (departure at approx. 23.30)


Day4  Morning:
  • Arrival to "Moskovsky" Railway station in St.Petersburg (at appox. 07.00);
  • Meeting with "IN'JOY Russia" guide;
  • Breakfast downtown;
  • "Capital of Imperial Russia": sightseeing tour with visiting main highlights ( exteriors): Palace Square, Winter Palace, St.Isaac's Cathedral, Nevsky Prospect, Bronz Horseman, Spit of Basil Island, Savior on Blood Cathedral, Cruiser "Aurora", etc...;
  • Lunch at a restaurant downtown;
Bronz Horseman


  • "Noble Mansion": excursion to Yusupov Palace, one of the most beautiful palace of the city, belonged to one of the richest families of Imperial Russia;
  • Check-in, accommodation at hotel;
Yusupov Palace
  • Dinner at the hotel or at a restaurant downtown;
  • Overnight at hotel


Day5  Morning:
  • Breakfast at the hotel;
  • "History of Russian Empire": excursion to the Hermitage State Museum; Winter Palace - former residence of Russian Tsars - the lagest museum in Russia, one of the richest collections of European paintings in the world ( Da Vinci, Rafael, Titian, Rembrandt, Rubens, impressionists...);
  • Lunch at a restaurant downtown;
Da Vinci
  • Time at disposal;
Free time
Farewell evening:
  • "Feel Yourself Russian": Russian Folklore performance in Grand Duke Nikolaevsky Palace with cocktail and dinner in one of the halls of the Palace;
  • Overnight at the hotel
Feel Yourself Russian


Day6  Morning:
  • Breakfast at the hotel;
  • Check-out at the hotel;
  • "Brilliant St.Petersburg": excursion to Tsarskoe Selo with visiting Catherine Palace and Park: former Tsar's Residence, located on the south from the city. Famous for Amber room;
  • "Troika": horse sledges carriage riding in park;
  • Farewell drink of Russian Vodka before lunch;
  • Lunch at a cafe/restaurant in Tsarskoe Selo;
Tsarskoe Selo
  • Transfer to airport, railway station, sea port, river port
  • Departure from St.Petersburg
Welcome back1

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