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Why With Us


1. Wide international experience combined with our own business concept, ideas and views.
IN'JOY Russia DMC is a young company but our team consists of professionals who have over 15 years of experience in leisure tourism and MICE industry. We develop our business strategy based on the previous broad practical experience & knowledge, which we gained working for international travel companies and the same time on our own ideas, views and business concept which, we believe, is the most effective for achieving our ultimate goal - 100% our customers' satisfaction.   

2.Tailor-made concept based on personal approach to each customer.
No matter which project we are working with, whether it is a grandiose incentive of hundreds guests or a regular tourist group, FIT travelers or VIPs - our individual and flexible approach applies to every customer's needs and each time we consider every new request as the most important one.
IN'JOY Russia DMC believes that only tailor-made concept of our company will allow the clients to receive the most pleasant and memorable journey, experience Russia in unique, creative and unforgettable way never before imagined.

3. Exemplary attention to all details by punctual, exact & meticulous approach.
IN'JOY Russia DMC believes that in tourism there are no details or matters, which can be neglected. We work very meticulously, taking into account and carefully handle all the nuances, details and most importantly looking at many steps forward, preventing in advance all the possible mistakes and misunderstandings.

4. High-quality service at the competitive and clear pricing.
IN'JOY Russia DMC good and long-term relationship with leading suppliers (hotels, transport companies, restaurants, museums, guides, venues, ..etc) and vast knowledge of the local tourism industry specific, give us the opportunity to provide our customers the best quality-price ratios.

5. Quality Control Concept.
To keep our services on high quality level IN'JOY Russia DMC elaborated a strict quality control concept from the beginning of the project till the end:

- inspect in advance;
- verify beforehand;
- make double check;
- supervise & control on spot;
- evaluate a result;

6.  Fresh & creative ideas.
IN'JOY Russia DMC believes that combination of long years of experience plus lavish creativity filled with always fresh and unique ideas are the guarantee of success in any kind of travel project.

7. Professional realization of different cultural needs in Russian market.
IN'JOY Russia DMC extensive and deep product knowledge of Russia, plus our many years experience in cooperation with international customers from the all corners of the world allow us to understand and respect the different and specific cultural needs of our clients  and accomplish them in the Russian market.

8. Prompt response and clear communication.
IN'JOY Russia DMC believes that quick response and clear communication is the first guarantee of success. We acknowledge your request within 24 hours and provide detailed proposal within 24-72 hours. IN'JOY Russia DMC exerts for that deadline, but if due to the circumstances we face delays, our customer will be immediately updated on the status of the request. 

9.  24-hour accessible.
Upon the group arrival to Russia, we provide the customer's tour leader with a complimentary local mobile phone, so tour leader can easily contact IN'JOY Russia DMC project manager, guide or driver anytime. IN'JOY Russia DMC project manager presents during the whole project operations and available 24 hours on the phone at no extra fee.

10. Work, Travel &  just IN'JOY Russia With Us!!!

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